About Us


WHAT WE BELIEVE IN: Everyone should have the dignity of clean clothes, and we want to build a business to help serve this need.

We believe that above value-for-money, convenience and dependable quality, people also value sincerity and trust. We see each pick-up and delivery as a time to build genuine, lasting relationships with our customers. Over time, friendships developed, and that's what keeps us going - it is always a pleasure and privilege to meet our friends!

WASH CLUB FABRICARE was built from a mix of passion for driving and an understanding that doing laundry is not everyone's cup of tea (it's ours though)! We want to help people free up time from laundry chores to attend to things that matter more to them - bonding with family and friends, pursuing interests and aspirations, or simply catching up on rest.


PROFESSIONAL: We provide full laundry services from garments and household items. We treat all items with extra care - whether they are being dry cleaned, handwashed or regular-washed. Your precious items are given professional care.

AFFORDABLE PRICING: We’ve always believed that good things must always come at a great price, so they remain accessible to everyone. We keep it light, just like your clothes.

CONVENIENCE: Within only a click, your laundry completes, giving your relaxation time to go through with family and companions.

COMMITMENT TO QUALITY: Quality is everything. Thanks to our laundry experts, we know how to offer the exclusive care that your clothes need

ECO-FRIENDLY: We care about our environment and that’s why no solvents are used, and all our products are biodegradable for chemical-free drainage. We clean your garment whilst keeping the environment safe.

HANDLED WITH EXTRA LOVE & CARE: We know how precious specific clothing items are to you and so we've assigned our Extra Love & Care Team to handle all these delicate requests. They'll get the job done right.